How to Attach Extension Clips


Clips, clips, clips!

How securely the clips are attached to your hair makes a HUGE difference in how comfortable the extensions feel on your head.  You can easily wear extensions all day long if the clips are properly attached.  

The size and style of the clips also makes a big difference in comfort level.  Comfort is Queen in my book, which is why girlgetglamorousHAIR clips are extra small, have “U” shaped teeth, and have a silicone band around the bottom.  

- The extra small size is the most comfortable size to wear for extended lengths of time (hello, Wedding Day.)  

- The “U” shape of the teeth grabs your natural hair more securely than a traditional comb shaped clip.  Comb clips with teeth that mimic a comb, slip down and pull on the hair at your scalp all day.  The “U” shaped clips lock the weft in place so that it doesn’t move, for all day comfort.

- The silicone band gently grips the hair for added protection against slipping.  The extension stays exactly where you put it. 


How To Attach The Clips to Your Hair:

1:  Part the hair evenly.  A neat line will be easier to attach an extension weft to.

2:  Gently backcomb the inch of hair closest to your scalp.  This gives the clip a little something extra to grab on to.

3.  Once the hair is backcombed, lightly mist that section with a flexible formula hairspray.  Again, this adds grip.  Grip = comfort.  

4.  Pop open the clip by gently pressing on both ends of the clip at the same time.  

5.  Place the clip over the backcombed hair, as close as possible to the part, and as close as you can get it to your scalp.  

6.  Pop the edges of the clip towards your scalp to close the clip and lock the weft in place.

7.  To totally hide the weft, you can also backcomb the row of hair above the weft.  This will give a hair a little cushion so that the wefts don’t peak through.

When I take the extensions out, I use my fingers to gently separate the backcombed sections and smooth my natural hair back out.  I never pack the hair down too tightly, so it’s really easy and quick to smooth the hair back out.  


These are all my tricks to making the clips comfortable to wear for super long days!  I hope they work for you too.  

If you have any questions, please ask below.  Your question might help someone else who is wondering the same thing!


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  • kirsty says...

    this is so great! wonderful tutorial

    January 03, 2016

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