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Double Braid | No Heat Hairstyle Tutorial

Double Braid | No Heat Hairstyle Tutorial


I love the holidays.  Love them.  

This holiday season has been great, but I've had a few nights where I had to get ready on short notice or just ran out of time!  Whenever this happens, a no-heat hairstyle always saves the day!

I always love a no-heat hairstyle, it's much healthier for your natural hair and extensions to skip the flat iron or curling iron.  The bonus is, the no-heat styles are also usually way faster.  

I love this Double Braid style, the two different size and style of braids add a lot of texture to the look.  I also love that it looks just as amazing with a cozy sweater as it does a floor length gown.

If your hair dries somewhere in between straight and curly (like mine), you can always just curl a few strands around your face to smooth out those pieces.

no heat double braid fishtail pancaked hair style with extensions fast easy tutorial

girlgetglamorousHAIR Double Braid Tutorial

1 | Clip in a full pack of my extensions (tutorial here), to add some length and body to the braids.  

2 |  Create a nice, clean part.  Mine is a deep part, more off to one side side of my face (rather then centered).

3 | Leave a few strands out around your face, grab a 1.5" section of hair from the top of your head and start to braid it in a traditional braid.  Secure the end of that braid with a mini elastic band.

4 | Spray a bit of texture spray, to give the braid grip, then start to "pancake" it.  Hold one side of the braid and gently pull on the opposite side to make the strands super sized.  Gently and slowly pull on each piece of the braid until it's the size you'd like.

5 | Tease the crown of your head for a little lift, making sure to smooth the hair down over the teasing to hide it.

6 | Gather all the hair and the braid into a low side ponytail and secure with a thick elastic.

7 | Wrap a strand of hair around the elastic to hide it, tucking the end of the strand into the elastic.

8 | Split the hair into two sections and start to fishtail braid.  Pull one piece over to the other section, join it with that section, then repeat on the other side.  Pull one piece from the other section and join it with the first section of hair.  Braid down the hair as far down as you'd like, then secure the ends with another mini elastic band.

9 | Spritz with a bit of texture spray and begin to pancake this braid as well.

10 | If needed, finish the ends and front strands with a small drop of oil for polish.

no heat double braid hair tutorial with extensions long human hair

All done.  This braid took me less than 10 minutes total and I loved the finished look!

Let me know if you try it, tag @girlgetglamorousHAIR and hashtag #gggHAIR on Instagram!


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How To | Wash Clip-In Human Hair Extensions

How To | Wash Clip-In Human Hair Extensions

how to wash remy human hair clip in extensions best technique beauty blog top


Washing your extensions is one of those things that is super easy once you know how to do it!  But it can seem very intimidating the first time.  This post will hopefully make it much easier.  I'm sharing all my tips on the best washing technique to prevent shedding and damage, how often to wash, and my favorite product for keeping my extensions silky.

There are two major differences between washing your natural hair and washing your clip in extensions.

1 | You only need to use conditioner to wash extensions.  

      - Clip-In extensions don't get the same oil from your scalp that your natural hair does.  Shampoo will only dry out your extensions.  Conditioner will cleanse the minimal amounts of dirt and styling products on the extensions.

         My favorite conditioner for washing my extensions is this conditioner.  They make a smaller size as well.

2 | Clip-In extensions only need to be washed every 6 months to a year.

     - Again, because clip-in extensions aren't getting the oil from your scalp and they aren't worn during working out, swimming, or sleeping, they actually don't need to be washed that often.  Unless you had to use a lot of hair spray or product on them, washing them every 6 months should be enough.



As you'll see in the video below, I use a gentle squeezing motion to wet the hair, distribute the conditioner, and rinse the hair.  

I squeeze the hair by grabbing it and giving it a few gentle squeezes in the same spot, before moving my hand down and repeating on the spot below.  The light squeezes will distribute the water or conditioner through the hair without having to pull through it.

This method reduces the pressure on the wefts, which prevents shedding.  It's important to not run your fingers down your extensions (while they are wet or dry) as this will loose the wefts, cause shedding and breakage on the hair itself.  I only recommend gently brushing after the extensions are dry and again after wearing them and before storing them in their storage case.



After your extensions dry, you'll notice that they will dry with a slight wave.  This is because they are real human hair.  You can easily straighten them back out or curl them.  I always use this heat protectant spray before using any heat tools on my extensions.  This will also help them stay silky much, much longer.

I hope you find this video helpful!  It's amazing how much longer your extensions will last with proper care and storage.

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What Are Double Drawn vs. Single Drawn Hair Extensions?

What Are Double Drawn vs. Single Drawn Hair Extensions?

double drawn single hair girlgetglamorousHAIR review vs bellami luxy short hair blend human


If you've been shopping for hair extensions, you've probably come across a few new hair terms that are exclusive to hair extensions.

A question I get asked a lot on our @girlgetglamorousHAIR Instagram is: "What are Double Drawn extensions?"

I wanted to quickly explain the difference between Single Drawn and Double Drawn hair.

Single Drawn hair means the extensions contain multiple lengths of hair mixed into the extensions, resulting in hair that is thickest at the top, tapers at the middle and is thin on the ends.  Double drawn hair contains hair that is all the same length.  The hair is thick and full from top to bottom.

As you can see in the photo above, even with just one weft each, the double drawn ends are thicker.

The majority of hair extension companies are selling single drawn hair.  Single drawn hair is very cheap to make, because companies mix longer hair with less expensive shorter hair.  This means a company can say that their extensions are 20 inches long, but only 30% of the strands are 20 inch long, the rest of the strands are 5-16 inches long.  This is why some extensions are so thin looking on the ends.  You are paying for 20" or more of hair, but realistically only getting 1/3 of the length.  Honestly, this gets me fired up, because I feel as though these popular hair companies are taking ripping off their customers.  Can you imagine if you only received 1/3 of every other purchase?  You'd (rightfully) be upset.

Single drawn hair harder to blend, especially for mid and shorter length hair.  The extensions will add a lot of thickness at the scalp, but then are very sparse on the ends, which makes them look less natural.  Most people have to end up trimming 5-6 inches off the ends to make them blend better, resulting in much shorter extensions than they paid for.

Double Drawn hair is more expensive to produce, but worth the investment, in my opinion.  Every hair is the same length, so you get thick, full hair from roots to ends.   You get exactly the length you are paying for with Double Drawn hair.  

Double drawn hair blends beautifully with all hair lengths, even short hair.  Because it's so thick from the top to the ends, even women with chin length bobs can wear double drawn extensions and have it look like their own hair. 

All girlgetglamorousHAIR extensions are double drawn. 

When I first started wearing extensions, I couldn't figure out why some sets were so thin on the ends and harder to blend with my natural hair.  I hope this post clears up the same question for you.


lob to long blend extensions with short hair double drawn best quality remy

See how easy it is to blend girlgetglamorousHAIR extensions into a mid length LOB haircut?  The thick ends make all the difference in the hair looking natural.  I am super proud to be the original US hair company selling only double drawn clip-in human hair extensions!

 Thank you for reading.  I hope this post was helpful and we will continue to post educational tutorials!

xo - Molly


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