How To Properly Store Your Hair Extensions

How To Properly Store Your Hair Extensions

When I first started wearing hair extensions, I didn't give a second thought to how I stored them.  I would either slide them back into the tight tube they came in, or put them in a small plastic bag.  Which I am even embarrassed to write.

I'd always pull them out of the bag, untangle them, comb out the frizz that storing them in a tight space created, and have to use my curling iron or flat iron to freshen them up and restyle them.  Not only did that take up extra time when I was in a rush trying to get ready, but it also damaged my extensions much faster.  Using heat over and over is number #1 thing that will dry out your extensions.

Enter storage sets into my hair extension journey.

Why I Love Storage Sets

Now I will style my extensions for a photo shoot or vacation the night before, I lay them on a table to cool (no hair spray needed if you do this!) and then the next morning I will pop them on the hanger and in the bag and off we go.  The curls stay forever this way.  Then if you are on a trip, you can take the extensions out, and hand them in the closet of your hotel room, right along side your clothes.

This is also a space saver at home, you can pop them in your closet and the curls will stay beautiful.  The extensions won't be getting tangled up in a drawer and taking up space in your bathroom.

Not to mention storage bags help protect and keep the style for so much longer, so you heat style way less.  Storage sets are an amazing value, because they add months and even years to how long your hair extensions last.

The Hanger

Hair extension hangers can look a little tricky at first, but are super simple.  When I was designing the hanger for the line I wanted a long wooden bar instead of the more common style with the two clips that face down and crush the clips on the extensions.  

The wooden bar gently holds the hair and doesn't crush the metal clips on the extension wefts.

How to Use The Hanger:  

1 // Gently push the top clamp forward to open the hanger.

2 // Place the hair wefts along the felted part of the inside of the wood.  Be careful to make sure that all the clips are above the wood.

3 // Close the hanger by popping the clamp back into the upright position.

The Bag

The bag was a custom design.  After using a variety of styles, I needed a bag that would also store my bobby pins, hair ties, a small bottle of hair spray or texture spray and a teasing comb.  Those are all my essentials when I'm using my extensions and I wanted to not have to carry a separate bag for them.  Especially when I'm traveling, I want to make sure I have everything I need.  We've all bought the $15 mini bottle of hair spray in the hotel gift shop and it hurts a little bit.  That $15 could be much better spent when you finally get to take a vacation!

I'm not married yet, but I can imagine that a wedding would be another day that you'd want to keep as stress-free as possible.  The second small storage compartment is intended to be a quick and easy way to keep everything you need close by when you aren't getting ready at home.  The front is clear so you can see everything in a quick glance.

The flaps in the top compartment open all the way out, so you aren't stretching the bag open to get the hanger and hair in.  It's a small detail that makes a big difference.

How to Use The Bag:

1 // Gently unzip front flaps.  

2 // Slide the top of the hanger in and through the top opening of the bag.

3 // Place the hair inside, making sure the curls or straight hair is neatly in place (to help hold the style).

4 // Carefully zip back up.

5 // Add any accessories that you will need in the bottom compartment.

You can now store your extensions in your closet or place inside your suitcase on top of your clothes.  

Here is a quick video on how I use my storage set:




As always, thank you for reading, watching and being a part of the girlgetglamorousHAIR community!


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How to Brush Your Hair Extensions

How to Brush Your Hair Extensions

This is one of the easiest tips when it comes to caring for your hair extensions, but makes a huge difference!

Instead of brushing from top to ends, as I always did before learning this trick, make this simple switch:

1.  Hold your extensions by the top of the wefts.

2.  Start by brushing the bottom four inches first.

3.  Then brush from the middle down to the ends.

4.  Finish by brushing from the top to the ends.

By switching and starting with the bottom, you detangle and smooth out that section first.  This stops the extensions from being pulled on and prevents shedding or the hair snapping.  It's much more gentle on the wefts, so that the hair will stay thick and healthy looking.


So simple, but makes a huge difference!

Thank you for reading!



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A Hair Tutorial: Cascading Waves Using a Wand Iron

A Hair Tutorial: Cascading Waves Using a Wand Iron


Wand curling irons create such beautiful and unique curls, but they can be a little tricky the first time you use them.  It definitely took me a few tries before I felt like I got the hang of them.  I wanted to share my tips and tricks with you!

The video tutorial shows how I get the loose, cascading waves pictured below and all my tricks in action.  Also... I forgot what a fun word "cascading" is.  



Tips for using a wand:

1 // Part your hair down the center and curl one side entirely before moving over to the other side.  This will make the process go faster as you won't have to keep switching the hand glove back-and-forth.

2 // Wear the hand glove that comes with most irons!  I am using this wand, and it comes with a flexible glove so that you don't burn the tips of your fingers while you are wrapping the curls.

3 // Wrapping the hair flat around the barrel (instead of twisted) will give you a sleek looking wave.

4 // Hold each curl in place with your hand after you take the hair off the wand.  I hold each curl in the shape of the curl for approximately 12 seconds until it cools.  This helps the curls hold their shape for way longer.

5 // Start curling your hair at the roots at the widest part of the wand.  Wrap your hair all the way down, until the ends of your hair are at the narrowest part of the wand. 

6 // For a looser curl, wrap your hair farther apart on the barrel.  For a tighter curl, wrap the hair closer on the barrel.  I demo this in the video to make it really clear.

Tip:  Always spray your hair and extensions with a heat protect spray before using a curling wand or flat iron.  Let it dry completely, then curl.  Your hair and extensions will stay much healthier looking!

Video Tutorial:


 Thank you for watching!  Questions or comment?  Let me know below, I'd love to hear from you!

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What's In The Box: A girlgetglamorousHAIR Unboxing

What's In The Box: A girlgetglamorousHAIR Unboxing



I honestly don't know why unboxing are so much fun, but they are!  I love a good unboxing.  I wanted to show you everything that comes in your girlgetglamorousHAIR box, so here we go...

1.  Tester piece:  the bottom compartment of your box has a 3.3" tester piece from your full set, so that you can see the color and length against your own hair. You can hold the piece up against the bottom of your hair to make sure the color is a perfect match!  Just make sure to leave it attached to the cardboard in case you want to do an exchange.  Once you've decided it's a match, you can add to the full set, which is located in the main compartment. 

2:  Full set:  The full set is in the top compartment, with a security seal.  Both the 16" and 18" length sets contain 9 wefts of hair.  Each set contains 1 weft that is 7" wide, with four clips, 1 weft that is 5" wide with three clips, 5 wefts that are 3.3" wide with two clips, and 2 wefts that are 1" wide with one clip.

3.  Extra clips:  As clips take a lot of wear and tear, being bent back and forth as they are clipped in and taken out, they tend to be the first thing that can wear out on every set of hair extensions.  So all girlgetglamorousHAIR extensions include two extra clips in the box.  Clips are super easy to sew back on and this will help extend the life of your extensions!

4: Storage box:  I designed every detail of the signature coral box myself and I'm proud to say that each box is made to last!  The boxes are designed with heavy duty materials to be kept as keepsake storage boxes.  You know those bobby pins and hair ties that you can never seem to hold onto? They can go in the bottom compartment that the tester weft came in.  The top compartment can hold a variety of combs, headbands, and hair accessories.  The divider flap folds down for extended room for brushes with longer handles.  I wanted you to be able to keep all your hair accessories in one place. The hair extensions can also be stored in the box if they are straight.  However, if they are curled, I highly recommend storing them in the girlgetglamorousHAIR storage bag (coming soon), so they won't have to be restyled.  (Heat damage is the main reason you'll have to replace your extensions.)  

5.  Instructions:  Instructions on where to clip in each weft on your head.  These can be taken out of the box and left on your bathroom counter or put into your storage bag for a quick reminder when you want to wear your extensions.  I love a good YouTube instructional video, but sometimes you just need a fast reminder!  This was also printed on heavier weight cardstock, so you can hold onto it for as long as you need.











 Thank you for reading!  I hope this was helpful to see exactly what comes in your box of girlgetglamorousHAIR extensions!


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How to Attach Extension Clips

How to Attach Extension Clips


Clips, clips, clips!

How securely the clips are attached to your hair makes a HUGE difference in how comfortable the extensions feel on your head.  You can easily wear extensions all day long if the clips are properly attached.  

The size and style of the clips also makes a big difference in comfort level.  Comfort is Queen in my book, which is why girlgetglamorousHAIR clips are extra small, have “U” shaped teeth, and have a silicone band around the bottom.  

- The extra small size is the most comfortable size to wear for extended lengths of time (hello, Wedding Day.)  

- The “U” shape of the teeth grabs your natural hair more securely than a traditional comb shaped clip.  Comb clips with teeth that mimic a comb, slip down and pull on the hair at your scalp all day.  The “U” shaped clips lock the weft in place so that it doesn’t move, for all day comfort.

- The silicone band gently grips the hair for added protection against slipping.  The extension stays exactly where you put it. 


How To Attach The Clips to Your Hair:

1:  Part the hair evenly.  A neat line will be easier to attach an extension weft to.

2:  Gently backcomb the inch of hair closest to your scalp.  This gives the clip a little something extra to grab on to.

3.  Once the hair is backcombed, lightly mist that section with a flexible formula hairspray.  Again, this adds grip.  Grip = comfort.  

4.  Pop open the clip by gently pressing on both ends of the clip at the same time.  

5.  Place the clip over the backcombed hair, as close as possible to the part, and as close as you can get it to your scalp.  

6.  Pop the edges of the clip towards your scalp to close the clip and lock the weft in place.

7.  To totally hide the weft, you can also backcomb the row of hair above the weft.  This will give a hair a little cushion so that the wefts don’t peak through.

When I take the extensions out, I use my fingers to gently separate the backcombed sections and smooth my natural hair back out.  I never pack the hair down too tightly, so it’s really easy and quick to smooth the hair back out.  


These are all my tricks to making the clips comfortable to wear for super long days!  I hope they work for you too.  

If you have any questions, please ask below.  Your question might help someone else who is wondering the same thing!


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How to Care for your Extensions

How to Care for your Extensions

Taking proper care of your extensions can add months and even years to how long they stay looking healthy.  I've taken good care and not-so-good-care of extensions before and the difference in how long they lasted was drastic.  Putting a little extra care really does help extend their life.  Here are my best tips:


1.  Just like with your natural hair, limiting how much you heat style is the number one way to keep your hair the healthiest.  Try to leave it straight or curled for a few wears, instead of switching back and forth frequently.  


2.  For most people, including myself, it's not realistic to never ever use a flat or curling iron.  So when I do heat style, I always use a heat protectant spray.  I mist it lightly on my hair and extensions, let it dry completely before applying heat.  


3.  Extensions don't need to be washed every time you wear them.  They actually only need to be washed every 10-20 wears, depending on how much hair spray or other products you use.  


4.  When you do wash your extensions, gently massage the shampoo in and squeeze the conditioner through, moving your hair down in three to four inch increments.  Never run your fingers down through the hair.  Running your fingers and pulling down through the hair while it's wet will start to loosen the hair wefts.  This can cause shedding and once shedding starts, it's difficult to stop. 


5.  Always wait until your extensions are dry before brushing them.  After I wash and condition them, I gently squeeze them into a towel, in the same way I applied and rinsed the conditioner.  Then I put them over a towel rack to dry and lightly mist a leave-in conditioner over the extensions, focusing on the ends.  


6.  Every second or third time you wear the extensions, rub a pea size amount of coconut oil through the bottom three inches.  This is where extensions tend to show wear the fastest, so adding coconut oil helps keep them hydrated and healthy looking longer.


7.  Once hair is dry, I hold the hair all together and brush it starting at the bottom.  I brush the bottom four inches, then brush from the middle to the ends, then the roots to the ends.  This helps prevent shedding.  If you start brushing at the roots, it can tangle your hair and puts stress on the hair, which can make them start shedding.  Starting from the bottom up and gently brushing them in sections to the roots helps prevent shedding and tangles.


8.  Every fifth time you wash your extensions, deep condition them instead of using regular conditioner.  They'll wonder that they did to be treated to special.  But for real, this will really help the ends stay feeling silky longer.


9.  Get a trim!  When the ends start to feel dried out, bring them with you to your next hair cut and have the ends trimmed off.  


10.  Start curling your extensions at the roots and work your way down.  This will save the ends from too much heat damage and prevent them from drying out before the rest of the hair.  You will also get a much more even curl this way.


I hope these tips are helpful!  They've helped me add months to the wear of each set of hair extensions I've owned.  What's one of the tips you definitely want to try with your extensions?  Anything you've done to help protect your extensions?  Please share below!


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