Shades & Descriptions

All girlgetglamorousHAIR shades are multi-tonal, meaning just like your own hair, they have a range of tones with each shade.  Our colors are vibrant and never flat.   The multi-tonal coloring helps the extensions blend more seamlessly with your natural hair.

What shade am I?

Check out our shade finder, which lists each shade description and has photos of each shade side-by-side. 





1 True Black:  Shade 1 True Black is our darkest shade.  It is a true black shade, with neutral undertones.


1B Black Brown:  Shade 1B Black Brown is a slightly warmer black shade with hints of dark brown.  


2 Darkest Brown: Shade 2 Darkest Brown is our darkest brunette shade.  It is dark brown with neutral undertones.


8 Medium Warm Brown: Shade 8 Medium Warm Brown is our lightest brunette shade.  It is a medium brown shade with warm undertones.  



11 Light Blonde: Shade 11 is a light blonde shade with neutral undertones.  


14 Medium Warm Blonde: Shade 14 is a medium blonde shade with warm, golden undertones.  


15/26 Highlighted Light Cool Blonde: Shade 15/26 is a light blonde shade with cool toned highlights.   This is a perfect shade for blondes with highlights.


613 Lightest Warm Blonde: Shade 613 is an extra light blonde shade with warm tones.  


60A Lightest Cool Blonde:  Shade 60A is an extra light blonde shade with cool tones.  It is our lightest shade.



28 Strawberry Blonde: Shade 28 is our signature strawberry blonde shade!  This is a true blend of dark blonde and golden red tones.  This is our lightest red shade.


29/30M Light Copper: Shade 29/30M is our medium red shade.  It is a true copper, with a blend of medium brown and red tones.


4 Dark Reddish Brown: Shade 4 Dark Reddish Brown is a dark brown shade with reddish tones.  It is our darkest red shade.  




Still can't decide?  Send us three photos with your hair down of your current hair color (back, side, and front) in natural light.  Outdoors or by a window is best. 

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