Hair Extensions Storage Set | Hanger + Travel Case


$ 25.00

The Dream Team!

Our specially designed girlgetglamorousHAIR storage bag and hanger will keep your extensions looking top notch.  We sell the best clip-in extensions in the world, and we think your extensions deserve the best care.  

The hanger and storage bag protect your hair while traveling or bringing them with you to a shoot or your wedding.  You can curl or straighten your extensions and hang them up in the storage set to protect the style.  When extensions are stored properly, you won't have to restyle them as often and this will make your extensions last longer!

The girlgetglamorousHAIR storage bag is unlike anything else on the market.  We custom made the size and design of the bag to best fit your needs.  The lightweight storage bag has a separate zippered pouch on the bottom, where you can keep hair ties, bobby pins, a teasing comb and more.  That way you'll always be able to find your styling tools easily and quickly.  

The top compartment has flaps that zipper open completely at the top, so you won't be tugging your hanger around to get the extensions in and out.  It features our logo on the front and back of the back in our signature neon coral.  We designed every inch of this bag ourselves and our proud to say that there is nothing else available like our storage bag!

The wood hanger securely holds your extensions at the top of the wefts.  It features the girlgetglamorousHAIR logo on the front.  The hanger easily pops open for you to place your extensions in (make sure your clips are above the wood!) and clicks closed to keep your extensions firmly and gently in place.  

Bag Dimensions:

Width: 12 "


Top Compartment: 20.5"

Bottom Compartment: 5.5"

Overall: 26"

Hanger Dimensions:

Width 9.75" 

 This storage set includes 1 hanger and 1 storage bag.

*hair accessories (bobby pins, combs, etc) and extensions are sold separately.



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