Light As HAIR | Skin Weft Lightweight Clip-In Hair Extensions


$ 199.00

Light As HAIR | Skin Weft Lightweight Clip-In Extensions
Limited Edition
Lightweight, easy-to-blend hair extensions are here!


Light As HAIR extensions are here for a very limited time! 
These extensions have ultra-thin, silicone backed wefts that are easy to blend.  They are extremely lightweight, making them very comfortable to wear!
These extensions are designed to mimic the way natural hair grows.  The ultra thin tabs makes these extensions very easy to blend, even on thinner hair types.
Our Light As HAIR extensions are made from the same high quality, 100% human remy hair and our traditional weft extensions.  All our extensions are double drawn, meaning they are thick from top to bottom.  Our Light as HAIR extensions have slightly more tapered ends to help blend with thinner hair types more easily. 
These are the perfect extensions for gals who have trouble hiding traditional wefts at their roots or someone who wants a lightweight option to wear extensions.  These feel like wearing almost nothing at all!
These are extremely limited edition, when your shade is sold out, they are sold out!

The weft sizes have been specially designed so that a single set of extensions can be used three different ways: 1 - with all the wefts clipped in to increase fullness and length, 2 - the five 3.3" wefts can be used to create a full ponytail, and 3 - the two 1" pieces can be used to add fullness to front braids.  

Shade Tester:

Your extensions will come with one of the 3.3" pieces in the tester compartment.  Open this compartment first to feel the incredible quality of our hair and make sure the color is a perfect match with your hair!

Once you know they are a perfect match, you can break the security seal on the upper portion of the box.  Please note that for hygiene reasons, once the security seal is broken, no extensions can be returned or exchanged.  So be sure to check out the tester weft first!


Product Details:

  • 16" sets are 120 grams of hair
  • 100% human Remy hair
  •  extra small silicone lined clips
  •  double drawn hair, thick from roots to ends


Each set includes 10 wefts total: 

1 weft x 4 clips - weft size 7"

2 wefts x 3 clips - weft size 5"

5 wefts x 2 clips - weft size 3.3" (ponytail pack)

2 wefts x 1 clips - weft size 1" (front/braid pieces)


* Please note, shade 31 has 12 wefts and a tape style top (vs hair growth style):

1 weft x 4 clips - weft size 7"

1 weft x 3 clips - weft size 5"

5 wefts x 2 clips - weft size 3.3" (ponytail pack)

4 wefts x 1 clips - weft size 1" (front/braid pieces)



Photo above is to show sizes only, color will vary based on the shade you select.

You can also view our unboxing post {here}, to see everything that comes inside your box!


Is this my shade?

Please see our video below to help you select your best color match. 


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